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Job offers

Create and publish your job offers

Fast and easy creation of job offers. All posts will be automatically listed in Google Jobs to maximize visibility. Easy import to other job markets

Video interview

Use Video or text interview

Easy way to save time. Let your applicants record their video application themselves

Applicant rating

Gather and rate applications

Rate, group and organize your applicants to find the best for you and your company

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Applicant informations
Video interview

Benefits of Video Applications Page

Video applications > written applications

They save time

Avoid hours spent reading cover letters and eliminate the need for pre-interview phone screens

They benefit a wider range of applicants

Allows for a genuine first impression and display of personality. Presents a chance to demonstrate communication skills

They’re more specific

Targeted questions offer more valuable information about candidates and their experience

They’re easier to organize

Our simple Kanban view allows applicants to be easily sorted and rated

Applicant rating
Job offer overview
Our system is

Simple but powerful

  • Job Offers Management

    Create and manage your job offers. This can include a role description, education or experience requirements, salary ranges, and more ..

  • Applicant Tracking

    As responses start coming in, easily sort them into groups. Quickly eliminate unqualified candidates. Organize top applicants into a kanban system for easy review and interview scheduling.